I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your amazing soccer program! Since Megan has joined Warriors Elite, her confidence and foot skills have been vastly improved. After only four months we can see a marked improvement in all aspects of her game. She play with much more confidence and is more aware of all aspects of the game than ever before. Signing up for your program is probably the best investment we have ever made in her development as a soccer player. In addition to developing soccer skills, it is obvious that you are also striving to teach important life lessons to the players. It is great to see you be able to do such a great job with skill development without compromising sportsmanship, integrity and hard work. I just can’t thank you enough for the incredible investment you have made, and continue to make, in Megan’s life.

– Skip Hagan 

testimonialsCoach Tommy and the other Warriors Elite coaches are just amazing. They have so much experience and integrity. The coaches are committed to helping the kids achieve their personal best both on and off the field. The winter session was transformational for my son. He is playing this spring with new/stronger skills, more stamina, and more confidence. – Kim Dick

I have loved watching Carson’s technical development under Coach Tommy’s direction.  His foot skills and accuracy have improved remarkably through the Warriors Elite program.  – Kerri Patel 

It’s just that coach Tommy is really teaching me about strategy and how to move differently. I am making runs I didn’t see before. Plus when I mess up everyone’s so understanding and encouraging. It’s just such a positive environment.
– Lucy Borkowski, ’03 Warriors Elite Player

I have gotten into much better shape through the Warriors Elite training sessions. – Carson Patel