S.E.A.L.s Training

seals trainingS.E.A.L.’s is an acronym that represents strength, endurance, agility, and leadership. These four elements of player development are essential to the success of players interested in competing at their highest level. The curriculum we offer through S.E.A.L.’s includes weight training with specific emphasis placed on muscle groups most utilized for soccer performance. Players learn the proper technique for maximum speed when running and when changing direction. Various technical movements are instructed for maximum speed, balance and performance.

Players who have previously participated in our S.E.A.L.’s program have shown dramatic improvement in their game by becoming stronger, faster, more agile and able to keep their energy levels through full games. New topics relating to leadership on and off the field are discussed at each session. Application of these concepts are readily observed in our players both at home and on game day!

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