Academic Tutoring

Warriors Elite Soccer Club is committed to building smarter soccer players on and off of the field. We stress to our players the importance of an in depth knowledge of math and science for better understanding of the game of soccer. Principles such as momentum, inertia, center of gravity, velocity, acceleration, relative axes, geometry, and much much more are all part of a greater understanding on how to obtain a more favorable result. However, through the academic tutoring we are primarily focused on our players being prepared to be successful in the classroom.

We offer one-on-one and small group tutoring. Each session is led by a qualified tutor based on the grade level and subject matter. Some of our tutors are also coaches within the club who have obtained advanced degrees in science, math or business. Others are associate members who serve locally in the engineering and/or business community.

At Warriors Elite Soccer we are committed to building a smarter player…